Carry on Sir Humphrey: Half of civil servants enjoy bonuses worth £140 million

"It is a requirement of Civil Service departments to link individuals’ performance to their pay. This, together with other Commission reward practices, aims to ensure employees are engaged and motivated through three years of Government pay restraint. In line with this, Commission staff members who met or exceeded their objectives in 2012-13 – the vast majority of our staff – received an end of year payment to recognise their good performance.


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Threat to jobs as bank confirms branch to be axed

The firm told the Daily Echo the nearest Natwest branch is just under two miles away, in Bitterne, and an arrangement will be in place with the Post Office in Woolston for customers to pay bills, withdraw cash and pay balances.


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Builders merchants celebrate a decade in NE business

The leading independent builders merchants, which also has a branch in Inverurie, is running an online competition through its Facebook page, offering people the chance to win a variety of DIY goods including paints, power tools and garden equipment.

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Budget 2014: Pensioners should be 'trusted' not to squander their savings, George Osborne says

“The question will be - will there be proper protections and proper financial education so people don’t make the wrong choices and end up running out of their pension pot well before their retirement ends. And secondly, will it become a way in which people can save substantial amounts of money tax-advantaged, take it out at retirement and then use the money essentially to avoid tax after that.”


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Opinion: The danger of billion-dollar valuations

For example, Wolf cited Facebook's acquisition of WhatsApp at $42 per user, which is in line with price-per-user acquisitions of companies like YouTube, Tumblr and Instagram. This is one way of looking at things, but it's severely flawed.


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