Best Online Business Ideas 2014 - Empowered Ezine Reveals It All

The article elaborates further on each business model and why they would be a good business plan. On affiliate marketing, the Empowered Ezine article says: "With affiliate marketing, the business owner advertises or "plugs" products from another business or website. If a sale is made due to the advertising of the affiliate marketer, the affiliate business will pay them an agreed upon percentage of that sale. Caution should be taken when choosing an affiliate, as commissions vary greatly and you need to be sure that the affiliate company will keep its word about paying its affiliate marketers."

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Budget 2014: New ISA announced by George Osborne will boost income of savers

From July 1, stocks and cash individual savings accounts (ISAs) will be merged into one single allowance of £15,000, which will scrap current rules that mean savers can only put half of their £11,520 entitlement into a cash ISA, while they could invest the whole allowance into a stocks ISA.

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Retiring abroad? Don't catch a cold because of the state pension freeze

A Department for Work and Pensions spokesman says: "The UK state pension is payable worldwide but is only uprated abroad where we have a legal requirement or reciprocal agreement. This has always been the case, and people who are considering emigrating abroad should always consider the impact the move could have on their future state pension entitlement."


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Green homes to make splash at old pool site

Traditional building materials for the homes will be low or zero carbon materials such as natural slate, stone elevations and a timber frame.

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‘We’ve had our fill of street potholes’ say protesters

About 50 people marched down the pothole-strewn road with placards from Green Road roundabout to Bury Knowle Park for an hour from 11am.


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